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thai coconut poached chicken salad

thaicoconutpoachedchickenThe Spirit House at Yandina on the Queensland Sunshine Coast is a completely standout Thai restaurant.  A few years ago for my husband’s 40th birthday we booked out one of their famous cooking classes for  our friends and together we sliced, diced and ate divine Thai food.  This poached chicken comes from the Vietnamese Chicken Salad we cooked on the night.  My  paper copy of the recipe is well marked, stained and often cooked!   This version is much simpler than the original recipe which makes it good for every night cooking.  Next time I make the full version, I’ll post that too.

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seasame thai chicken & salad


This week I have a hankering for Thai flavours.  Perhaps it’s the spring in the air & my kaffir lime tree FULL of fragrant leaves.  This was last night’s dinner, tonight’s was a red chicken curry with black bean noodles but the photo didn’t turn out all that well!

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