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how to make: zucchini & silverbeet spaghetti

Since going largely grain-free and 100% gluten-free, I have discovered zucchini ‘spaghetti’.  You can cook it with so many things, but here is my latest…

First you have to shred/Julienne the zucchini.  This recipe used 2 large ones.  I use my mandolin – it’s one of the best little kitchen gadgets!   Place the zucchini in a colander in the sink and salt it – reasonably generously.  This helps the zucchini stay together when cooked and not turn to mush.

After about 30 mins rinse it fairly well (otherwise it’s a bit too salty).  Drain like this on a teatowel, you can also roll it up in the teatowel to absorb most of the moisture.


Then you dry fry the zucchini for a few mins to again reduce more of that moisture.  I then added a bit of oil (my favs are macadamia or coconut oil), and tossed it around for another couple of mins. Continue reading how to make: zucchini & silverbeet spaghetti