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persian love cake

persianlovecakeWe were on holidays at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast over the weekend  and I noticed at a couple of cafes they were serving ‘Persian Love Cake’.  I’d never heard of it before so I was intrigued.  We had some very special friends for afternoon tea yesterday at my parents-in-law’s avocado farm, so  it was a perfect opportunity to try it out.  It was a definite winner!  It’s quite sweet but the yoghurt balances it out.

The recipe I found on the Gourmet Traveller website – I made it  to the recipe, except I didn’t have fresh nutmeg so used a teaspoon of All Spice and I added a teaspoon of brown sugar and a sprinkle of all spice to the yoghurt to serve with it.

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green breakfast protein smoothie #1

DSC_6120Here’s an idea for tomorrow morning’s breakfast… a green smoothie.  I know, they are all the rage, basically because it’s a palatable way of eating a lot more of the leafy greens we are all ‘meant’ to eat.  My husband and I have been having them for breakfast  for the last few months and they certainly add a lot of fiber (!) to your diet and feel like fresh and clean way to start the day.  You can hide all sorts of things in them too (eg Vital Greens or other vitamin powders, nuts, seeds).  The options are endless, but here is a good basic recipe you can add/adapt.

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avocado chocolate cake (GF) with avocado creme anglais


Avocado in a cake? Surely not!  I was inspired to make this cake as my father-in-law, who is an avocado farmer was telling me of a customer who boughts 6 bags of avos for his wife to make cakes!  Intrigued, I went where we all go now to see if it is true, and Google did not let me down.  Who was to know that there were so many avocado cake recipes?


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