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coconut palm sugar meringue icecream sandwich

This is a good example of resurrected failed experiment!  I was trying to use up some egg whites the other day by making meringues.  I thought to be somewhat healthier I would try to make it with coconut palm sugar, however as I was adding the palm sugar to the stiff egg whites, it ‘flopped’ in the bowl and I knew it just wasn’t going to rise.  I put the mixture into a silicone tart shell and baked it the same as the meringues just to see what would happen.  It didn’t rise, in fact as it cooked it flattened even more and browned quite a lot.

When I took it out of the pan and ripped a bit off to taste, it tasted so caramelly. The rest of the family had a taste and as one of my boys said, ‘it’s a failure that’s a success’! So with a scone cutter, some ice-cream and a few slices of banana, the ice-cream sandwich was made!


  • 3 egg whites
  • 3/4 cup coconut palm sugar
  • 1 tsp white vinegar
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tsp cornflour
  1. Whisk egg whites until stiff peaks.
  2. Gradually add palm sugar until sugar is dissolved.
  3. Stir in vanilla, vinegar and cornflour.
  4. Pour into silicone tart mould (assuming yours is as runny as mine and needs containing!)
  5. Bake in oven 160C for 25 mins then 150C for a further 25 mins then turn oven off and cool in the oven.
  6. Remove the meringue ‘disc’. Use a round cookie cutter to cut shapes, scoop ice cream onto a round and top with a second round.  I added a few sliced of fresh banana but you could also add chocolate sauce or nothing at all!
  7. Eat immediately.

choc-caramel bites

choccaramelbites(Step 3 (top), step 4 (middle), step 5 (bottom))

Are you looking for something a bit fancy to serve with coffee at a dinner party?  Here is a simple but decadent recipe – combining the winning chocolate/caramel combo.  If you use dark chocolate it’s dairy-free too.

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coconut cream caramel sauce

caramelsauceI wanted to take a ‘sweet treat’ to Sydney for a family catch-up whilst my sister was visiting from London.  I also was trying to make something AIP compliant.  Not an easy task! I came up with the idea of making a caramel sauce using coconut cream and then putting it into a chocolate (see choc-caramel bites).  Because of the sugar it’s not really paleo or AIP – you could use honey instead depending on how strict you are, but in the end I came up with a yummy, thick caramel that tasted good and in the end, that was good enough for me!

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thai coconut poached chicken salad

thaicoconutpoachedchickenThe Spirit House at Yandina on the Queensland Sunshine Coast is a completely standout Thai restaurant.  A few years ago for my husband’s 40th birthday we booked out one of their famous cooking classes for  our friends and together we sliced, diced and ate divine Thai food.  This poached chicken comes from the Vietnamese Chicken Salad we cooked on the night.  My  paper copy of the recipe is well marked, stained and often cooked!   This version is much simpler than the original recipe which makes it good for every night cooking.  Next time I make the full version, I’ll post that too.

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