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gingerbread house

gingerbreadhouseThe gingerbread house is a relatively new introduction into our family Christmas tradition.  The kids love to decorate and eat it, so I’m happy for it to stay!  The first year we made one was about 3 years ago and was one of the ready made kits  – it ‘worked’ but tasted awful so the next year I came across the box of cutters and as I already had a fantastic gingerbread recipe from my friend Juliet I have just done this one the last few years.  This year’s one is made from spelt flour as one of my kids is better with that than wheat flour.  This recipe is certainly not GF, but it’s a spectacular Christmas treat and makes a sensational centrepiece for any Christmas meal or party.

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Mum’s pork chicken & veal terrine


It is very apt that my first ‘guest blogger’ is my Mum who taught me to cook and who has inspired me to love cooking, entertaining and of course eating!

There is no such thing as a simple picnic in my family.  No BBQ chicken rolls on our rug.  Mum’s picnics are full of gourmet cheese, spreads, often seafood, fancy salads and condiments. All served, of course with wine or sparkling. So, it should have come as no great surprise when at a recent family picnic in Sydney, out came Mum’s famous terrine!  The standards for the family picnic are ever on the rise.


Over the years, this terrine has been served at dinner parties, on cheese platters and now picnics.  Thanks Mum.

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muffins with ‘noses’

Yesterday I was over at a friends place and made some muffins at her place to help her out.  I won’t bother with a recipe as I’m sure you all have your favourite muffin recipe.  These were banana muffins.  After finding my way around her kitchen (always different in someone else’s!) I made the batch, spooned them into her little silicon patty pans (must get some of those) and had a fair bit of batter left so topped up the pans.  This is how they turned out!!


They have ‘noses’ or growths!!  I was a bit embarrassed but she assures me they often turn out like this.

Do you have this experience?  Do you think it’s the ‘adding’ the extra mixture?  Love to know your thoughts.