About me

I love to eat. I love to cook.  I love to entertain. Probably in that order! I love cooking for other people (apart from my kids who don’t appreciate it, although I’m hoping one day they might) and sharing that food and conversation with them.  I’m so grateful for a husband who often says ‘it’s like eating in a restaurant every night’ about my cooking  🙂  I’m so incredibly grateful for growing up in family where my Mum & Dad loved to cook and who still are really the quinessential entertainers.

I also love my fabulous kitchen which we spent hours debating how to design, it was worth every minute.

My recipes are gluten free, mostly grain free and paleo-ish (if only I could break that sugar addiction!).  I have also been flirting with the Auto-immune Protocol for my Hashimotos so some of the recipes are AIP compliant.

This blog is really just for my fun and for sharing my cooking with friends, family and anyone else who loves food and people.

I hope you enjoy,

Annabel x

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. I’m in for 2014. My family is not going to know what’s hit them. I need to eat Gluten Free & drink Lactose Free Milk (still hard to say no to icecream and chocolate. I’m working on it!! Feb Fast starts soon. Diet Coke & Chocolate in one hit. ARGHH. I need al lot of help Annabel, so you might get some silly questions. I’m off FB, so I’ll just receive your emails. Now, if you can only tell me what to put in the boys lunchboxes for Wednesday I would really appreciate it. Love Kirst

  2. Hi Kirsty, no problems, feel free to email, no questions are silly!! First few days are often the hardest while your body detoxes. As for school lunches, I hate making them. My kids tend to get ham & cheese sandwiches, fruit (often returned) and some kind of snack (eg hot cross bun). You can see that they aren’t GF or anything free!!

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