Lemon meringue pie (GF)

Some things work really well as a ‘healthy version, lemon meringue pie is not one of them! The only redeeming feature of these pies apart from the taste (and the strawberries for decoration) is the bases are the date nut tart shells I’ve made many times before.

I did TRY to make a healthier version of both the lemon curd and the meringue. Both failed. The lemon curd I tried with coconut palm sugar and it looked brown and tasted bitter. The meringue I made with boiling honey and it didn’t hold together as an Italian meringue and tasted, well, too honeyish. So back to the sugar pot I went and made both with regular caster sugar. The result was delicious!

I just used recipes I found on taste.com.au for lemon curd and Italian meringue.

I did bake the honey meringue mixture so I’ll do a separate post about that one!


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