announcing whatannabelcooks paleo cooking class!!

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 8.08.45 pmI am so excited to announce the first whatannabelcooks cooking class!  It’s amazing how things can just ‘come together’.  A few days ago I asked for requests for blog post ideas and in amongst requests for sweet treats, lamb shanks, salads and dressings, came one for a cooking class.  I then combined that idea with my desire to find ways to help women caught up in the sex-trafficking industry.  “Girls cooking for girls” was born.

I’m hoping that these classes will become a regular event, I already have ideas for several other themes, including what I think will be the next one, Paleo Treats Morning Tea.  I may well mix up which charity the money goes to, but the idea is that a bunch of girls get together, do some cooking, eating (and lots of chatting, sharing ideas etc) and raise awareness, money  and take action to help other girls around the world far less fortunate than ourselves. Aside from the costs of the food, the rest will all go to the nominated charity.

I am intending to have homemade goods available for pre-sale and sale at the class, so if you have requests, get in early and let me know!

This has the potential to be a whole lot of fun doing a whole lot of good, so I’d love your support, ideas, feedback etc. I know many of you live in far off places and so won’t be able to come to the classes in Brisbane, but maybe it might inspire you to share some love in your community 😉

Whilst I have a large kitchen (yes the idea is to do it in my home), the numbers will have to be limited, so get in quick with your registration.  If it fills up quickly that will just inspire me to find new dates for more classes.

Let’s have some fun and share some love.

Annabel x

4 thoughts on “announcing whatannabelcooks paleo cooking class!!

  1. Hi Annabel Not sure what you will receive back but your emails are all jumbled. Just thought you might like to know. They have not always been this way only last week or 2 Belinda

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