As many of you know I have had Hashimoto’s (auto-immune under active thyroid disease) for nearly 20years.  I have done a lot of reading about foods to eat/avoid for thyroid disorders over the years.  For a long time I have known I need to cut out gluten and have done that.  I also have worked out my body doesn’t cope well with grains of any type.  In an ongoing quest to reduce inflammation in my body, I am currently trialling  the ‘auto-immune protocol’. There is a lot of great information if you want to know more on The Paleo Mum website.   In essence on top of the paleo diet it also takes out eggs, nuts & seeds and nightshade vegetables.

‘What’s left?’ I hear you ask!!  I have asked myself the same thing, so the posts for a while will be AIP compliant!  I’m out to prove I can still eat yummy food! All ideas welcome!!

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