paleo pulled pork ‘tacos’

This is a totally fabulous recipe!  Every time I make it, it is completely devoured (although I have to admit my kids aren’t super keen – but really the effort is a bit wasted on them). It is a fairly time consuming meal, so not one you whip up after a day at work, but a great one for a Saturday night with friends. It’s the sort of meal that you can spread out on the table and all muck in and create your own ‘tacos’.  You could even use taco shells or wraps if you’re not strictly following the paleo regime. tacos



The recipe is taken directly from Irena Macri’s fantastic cookbook, Eat Drink Paleo.  Her website is  The only thing I do differently is add a bit more sweetener into the pork mix – it makes it more caramelized.  I often add some chutney or fig jam when simmering the pork and then add double the sweetener in the oven bake stage.  If you’re not a sweet tooth, then just follow the recipe!

The recipe says it feeds 6-8 but I think it really only feeds 4 as it’s sooooo good you just keep eating. So if cooking for more than 4 just double (although don’t double the satay as that makes quite a lot).

pulledporkreceipe pulledporkreceipe2

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